Effects of Caucuses

Main Objective

Students will determine the effects of the Iowa caucuses historically and currently.

Additional Objectives

  • be able to define a caucus.
  • analyze graphic information and write conclusions.
  • analyze news articles as evidence.
  • research historical effects from Iowa’s caucuses.
  • make predictions of nominations.
  • track primary and caucus winners.
Minute Curriculum


Download Lesson Plan.

– Students log-in to http://2016iowacaucus.com to complete Iowa Caucus Poll

– Class Discussion: Who Will Win the Caucus?  Why?

– Handout/Complete Analysis of Caucuses in the Past results and worksheet 

– Complete “Track the Candidates” chart

HW: Students need to find 1 article about historic caucuses in Iowa and the influence that the caucus had on the elections.



-Computers for every student

Iowa Caucus Results 1972-2012 with Worksheet

Track the Candidates Chart

Minute Curriculum



Minute Curriculum




Iowa Core: SS 9-12. PSCL.1
Understand the rights and responsibilities of each citizen and demonstrate the values of lifelong civic action.
Iowa Core: SS.9-12.PSCL.4
Understand the differences among the complex levels of local, state and national government and their inherent, expressed, and implied powers.
Iowa Core: SS 9-12. PSCL.5
Understand strategies for effective political action that impact local, state, and national governance.
Iowa Core: SS 9-12. PSCL.6
Understand how law and public policy are established at the local, state, and national levels of government.
Iowa Core: SS.6-8.H.2
Understand how and why people create, maintain or change systems of power, authority, and governance.
Iowa Core: SS.9-12.H.4
Understand the role of individuals and groups within a society as promoters of change or the status quo.
Iowa Core SS.9-12.H.8
Understand cause and effect relationships and other historical thinking skills in order to interpret events and issues.